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DIY Monogram Ornament

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation at no added cost to you. 

Every year, our little family goes out on a hunt to find the perfect ornament. Last year, it was a few. There was the personalized snowman with little A's birth information on it (my favorite), a picture frame ornament to put little A's picture in, and an "A" initial, also for little A. This year, I wanted to try and make our very own ornament. One that we could look at one day and remember that Christmas.

I couldn't think of an ornament right away. I'm sort of a perfectionist. I don't settle for easy. So, I was on a hunt in the imagination store in my brain. It didn't take long before I thought of an initial ornament. Once the basis of my ornament was decided, I began wondering how this ornament would look. Would it be simple? Cute? Or would it be elegant?
It finally came to me. Simple, cute and elegant a…

Christmas Morning Pancakes

The best thing about Christmas morning, after opening presents, was sharing a nice, family breakfast together. It didn't matter what breakfast food we had, as long as we spent bonding time with each other, Christmas was set to be an amazing day. After having a child of my own, I've realized that these simple moments are what creates the best childhood memories.

As we all know, candy canes and chocolate are a must for the holidays. The combination itself causes serious mouth-watering in my case. So it's no surprise when the thought of chocolate peppermint pancakes popped into my head. Seriously! Does that not sound delicious? After a little trial and error, I finally made the perfect batch of these decadent pancakes.

Now, before I get into the recipe, I must say that these pancakes did in fact melt in my mouth. I almost didn't want to share! Almost. It's hard not to share with an adorable toddler in your lap who "helped" make them in the first place…

Stocking Stuffers

Shopping for toddlers can be an easy task seeing as there are toys everywhere you look at this time. Shopping for stocking stuffers for toddlers, on the other hand, has proven difficult for me to handle. After much research, I compiled a list of stocking stuffers for my toddler boy, and decided I would help others out who were as stuck as me.

Bath CrayonsHot WheelsToy Story StorybookBubblesToddler Flash CardsChalkboard MatChalkCaterpillar Stacking CupsLots of PlayDohYo Gabba Gabba Singing ToothbrushCrayonsColor Bath DropzBabyganics ChapstickBooks, Coloring Books, Drawing PadsFlashlight for ToddlersWalkie TalkiesCoupon Book from Mommy and Daddy (coming soon)Rubber DucksStickersFruit PouchesSunglasses

**Check any and all toys you purchase for age limits. Make sure there are no small parts that a small child could get a hold of.

What did you get for your little ones this Christmas? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to check out tomorrow's post!