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10 Genius IKEA Hacks That Won't Break The Bank

You guys! It has nearly been a year since I've written for my blog! That is unacceptable! Preposterous! Insane! But let's be real here, being a full time mom, student and worker takes a lot of time and effort. Bare with me though as I begin to add more content to the blog!

As you may know, I have a love of all things IKEA. From the furniture to the decor, IKEA does no wrong! What's even more amazing is the many different hacks that have been created! I know I've done a hack or two with my IKEA purchases. ;) 
Let's get down to it! I've chosen 10 IKEA hacks that I love, that you won't have to go broke over! Enjoy! 
1.Industrial Style Bookshelf - This bookshelf is just my style! From the ease of the hack, to the overall thought out design, this hack is one for the books!
2. KALLAX Painting Hack - Now, this hack is one that I did myself! A KALLAX shelving unit, primer, and a bit of spray paint later, this hack was simpler than I first thought. Three years later,…