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IKEA Hack/LATT Table and Chairs Turned Storage Table

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation at no added cost to you. 

UPDATE: Make sure you put some sort of soft close adapter or hinge that would allow for the table top to not fall too fast or fall at all! Little A had a mishap with the table top falling down and hit underneath his eye. My poor little fellow. So, please learn from my mistake!

When Little A was about a year old, we purchased him an IKEA LATT table so that he would have his own table to read, draw and pretty much learn on. That thing has been through so many stages of his life. He has eaten on it, subsequently doused in water painted on, colored on and just plain had fun on. Recently, it started to become very, for lack of a better word, sad. The particle board top was bubbling up and would not get clean, the legs, sides and chairs had paint and color marks, and the whole table had seen better days.

Big A wanted to throw it out and buy a ne…

Inspiration and Motivation: DIY Workout Binder

On the topic of weight loss, Kayla Itsines and New Years resolutions, I decided to reevaluate my workout binder. I've had this binder for a few years, and would bring it to the gym with me when I had a membership. We now have an on location gym in our townhome complex, and I have been using it like crazy lately. Unfortunately, I had lost this binder some time ago and haven't been using it. 

BUT! There's this crazy thing called New Years decluttering and alas, I found it! I don't like keeping magazines, and I always lose websites after I've exited out of them. Thus, I thought, why not keep the pages that I think will help me and get rid of everything else! You see, this binder was just something I came up with years ago, in high school, to get rid of clutter. I mean, when you're living with your parents, you don't have much space of your own. 

Since then, I've replaced pages, kept pages, and even replaced the binder itself after wear and tear took hold o…