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Designing a Sweatshirt

I have been on the hunt for fashionable, yet decently priced, sweatshirts. For my kind of style, they're normally over priced. And let me tell you, window shopping does not help the situation! Searching through stores just made me want to buy everything in site, which does not help the 'decently priced' aspect of shopping. So, I took to creating my own!

This is where trusty ol' Pinterest comes in! ;) There were so many cute ideas, I really couldn't decide which style I wanted to create first. After looking for what seemed like ages, I chose to create a diamond design with a galaxy theme. There's not much else to explain other than showing you, so on to the goods!
You will need:
A sweatshirt of your size (I purchased mine for $4.60 from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon)
Fabric paint of various shades of pink, blue, purple and white (If you are creating on any other color besides black, you will also need black)
Fluffy paintbrush
Piece of cardboard big…