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A Mermaid's Dream Party

A few months ago, my little sister turned the big ol' seven. My mom, the one whom I got my crafting/baking/decorating/just about everything from, decided to create a wonderful party fit for a mermaid princess. Of course, my sister loved the idea, and my mom started the months of planning. 

Little K's birthday party was in October, but my mom got started on it well before, closer to June or July. She wanted every little detail to be perfect, and let me tell you, it really was! I was there to aid in the party and ensure that everything went smoothly. All of the little mermaids had a blast, and it was so great seeing all of the fun that they were having. 
When the mermaids arrived to the party, they were given adorable handmade outfits. Each outfit had a shirt with blue bows attached, and a mermaid tail made out of elastic fabric. The bottom of the tail was made from tulle, which added to the "mermaid-ness."