A Mermaid's Dream Party

A few months ago, my little sister turned the big ol' seven. My mom, the one whom I got my crafting/baking/decorating/just about everything from, decided to create a wonderful party fit for a mermaid princess. Of course, my sister loved the idea, and my mom started the months of planning. 

Little K's birthday party was in October, but my mom got started on it well before, closer to June or July. She wanted every little detail to be perfect, and let me tell you, it really was! I was there to aid in the party and ensure that everything went smoothly. All of the little mermaids had a blast, and it was so great seeing all of the fun that they were having. 

When the mermaids arrived to the party, they were given adorable handmade outfits. Each outfit had a shirt with blue bows attached, and a mermaid tail made out of elastic fabric. The bottom of the tail was made from tulle, which added to the "mermaid-ness." 

After they became mermaids, they played while waiting for everyone to show up. Each little mermaid loved their dress.

Once everyone arrived, it was time for the little mermaids to string their own pearl (gumball) necklaces. My mom found white gumballs and punched a hole through them. Each necklace was inside a clear plastic bag to make it easier to hand out to each child. A bobby pin was provided for ease of stringing.

Next was the mermaid pinata. To make the bat look prettier, I wrapped it in left over streamer. That only lasted a round of hits, but it still looked while it lasted! The girls had a blast hitting the pinata, and had even more fun picking up all of the candy that fell to the ground. 

While they were outside hitting the pinatas, I quickly cleared the table and put down the cupcakes for the last little activity. After the girls hit out some energy, it was time for them to decorate their cupcakes! My mom had decorated each cupcake with a rosette design, and we portioned out different decorating supplies for each cupcake. The girls loved making their own cakes, and especially getting to eat them!

We all sang happy birthday to the mermaid princess, and she just loved the attention!

After the cake was present time. We didn't take as many pictures throughout the party because we were ensuring that everyone had a blast! She loved all of her presents, though, and I think that the party was a huge success. Now, it's time for pictures of the decorations!

What do you think of my sister's birthday party?

Alisha Jewell

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