Easy and Adorable Wall Organization Racks

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When my son has his photos done, we go to Esther Dorotik of Esther Dorotik Photography. She has been our photographer since I was pregnant with my little angel. There is a reason for this: the woman is AMAZING! I have not seen anyone else's artwork nearly as amazing as hers.

While discussing the pictures for little A's second birthday party, I saw the organization she had created for a few of her props. I was speechless! Not only was it elegant, but was so versatile that it could be used for anything, from purses to jewelry, children's artwork to orders placed for a business. I had to know how to recreate this organizational masterpiece.

Esther kindly agreed to explain how she created her prop rack in detail. I was ecstatic. I will eventually make this same set up for our closet, but until then I have detailed below the process that Esther used.

The difference is insane. She had stuffed all of her soft props into a rolling cart. Hats squished in the top, blankets and other accessories in the bottom two. To quote in Esther's own words, "it was unprofessional." I couldn't agree more. The after picture, though, speaks a thousand words. It looks much better and prettier! 

A close-up of the rod.

She first purchased the curtain rod, measured the area and used a stud finder to drill the correct holes.

Once she has the proper placement of the brackets finished, she purchased curtain rod clip rings*, which are what is holding the hats up. She bought the right amount for the number of hats that she owned.


I'll be honest with you, I had NO idea what the rings were. I had never seen them or even heard of them before. But now, I am going to stock up on them! I will be using them for hanging my scarves, purses, and necklaces. I'll also use them for hanging delicates that need to be dried. 

Anyways, Esther slid a few packages of the rings onto each rod, put up the rod, and finally placed the rod onto the brackets. The clip rings are easy to use and don't leave a crease on the fabric. I absolutely love what she did with her studio!

What types of methods are you using to get yourself organized this year? What do you think about this ingenious prop organization method?

Alisha Jewell

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