Five Can Chicken Tortilla Soup

When I was younger, my mom used to crock pot the best meals. One of them in particular, chicken tortilla soup, was my absolute favorite! Being younger, I thought that this soup must have taken a lot of work to create, I mean it tasted AMAZING!

Having my own family now, I have searched far and wide for delicious meals that are not only toddler approved, but husband approved as well. So, back to my mom's kitchen I went. She gave me the recipe that she has used for years. And boy, was it a simple meal to create too. The meal consists of only five cans of ingredients, and two to three chicken breasts. It is insanely easy to make, can be a freezer meal, or made in a hurry that morning by throwing everything into the crock pot.

How do you make the best chicken tortilla soup you ask? Grab two cans of black beans, two cans of Mexican Style stewed tomatoes, a box of chicken broth, and of course the chicken. First, add in the chicken breasts, they can be frozen. Heck, mine are always frozen. This is normally either a special meal or one that I have to throw together at the last minute in the mornings. Then, you can throw in all of the other ingredients, set on low for six to eight hours, and forget!

After the timer on the crock pot goes off, I take two forks and pull the chicken apart. This will also allow you to check and see if the chicken is done. *Make sure the chicken is fully cooked before serving! I used to wait until the chicken was thawed, cut them into small pieces and THEN throw them into the crock pot, but my current method is so much easier and takes less time up front. I am not lying when I say that it takes only minutes to put this together in the morning.

If you have less that six to eight hours, you can set the crock pot to high and cook it for four hours. Normally, I have enough time for the full eight hours, but of course, life happens. This meal is perfect for the upcoming cold weather! Just throw in some cheese, sour cream, or any toppings of your choice and you are good to go!

What is your favorite quick and easy meal for the family?

Alisha Jewell

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