Upcycled Candlesticks

For our holiday mantel, I wanted to find reasonably priced candlesticks to go on one side. It's actually fairly difficult to find candlesticks at a good price. Now I know this is a long post for a small project, but to me, no project is too small! I explored a few stores, but most of the candlesticks were at least $10. We needed three, so candlesticks at $10 a piece would be more expensive than the whole Christmas mantel! 

So off to a few local thrift stores I went! I decided to upcycle candlesticks from the thrift store with some paint. We have quite a few around us, but there is one that it my absolute favorite. CCA has stores around called reStore. They always have new things every time I visit. This time, I was on a mission to find a few candlesticks. I went down every aisle, looked over every item, until finally, in a few different places, I found three candlesticks. 

Now, they were nowhere near perfect. In fact, they didn't match and they were definitely something I would NOT put on my mantel. Buuuut, I loved the shape of them, and they almost matched shape perfectly. So, after an hour of searching, and $5 later, I had my candlesticks!

Mismatched, AND old???
Not too shabby a price for three candlesticks huh. I recently spray painted the mantel mirror chrome, and had a lot of left over spray paint. Instead of letting it go to waste, I grabbed the bottle, a plastic bag and of course the candlesticks and got to work. 

I've found for smaller projects, as long as there isn't any wind, it's easier to spray paint in a shopping bag. It catches all of the excess spray, and I don't have to worry about the mess it could make. After a light coat for each candlestick, they are already looking better!

Doesn't that look so much better? It only took five minutes of elbow grease, and voila! An all new set of candlesticks! I can't wait to show you the finished mantel for Christmas. It'll be up on the blog in a few days!

What small projects have you finished lately?

Alisha Jewell

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