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Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him

Two days ago was our four year wedding anniversary. I know, I know, we already celebrated in Colorado. My husband's job is in peak season at the moment, so we had to go a month early if we wanted to go at all. Anyways! We are celebrating with a dinner tonight, and gifts that we got each other. 

On our anniversary day, my husband came home with gorgeous roses to celebrate the traditional gift of flowers. Flowers. Obviously, this is the year of gifts for women. What do you get a man that pertains to flowers? This was a real head-scratcher. I couldn't just get him flowers, what would he do with them? I had also been wanting to get him a nice beer mug for those hockey nights, and that definitely isn't related to flowers!

Off to good ol' Pinterest I went. The thing is, the gifts that popped up weren't traditional gifts. You see, my husband and I decided to stick with the traditional gifts on our wedding anniversaries. I love traditions! But, it also makes it somewhat harder to think of gifts when the traditional gifts are flowers or jewelry. Pinterest had never failed me before, but it was at that moment! What horror!! 

Back in April, I had made the husband a bouquet with Jack Daniels in the center. It was sort of like a man bouquet. He loved it, and I had a blast making it. The bouquet really came from the heart! 

I was so proud to present him with the bouquet! I had attached his favorite candy, a few sample bottles of different liquor, and just a few fillers to make the bouquet a little less sparse. So, with this as a base, I started to look at different ways to incorporate manliness into a bouquet. Now, I could've just thrown some flowers into the beer mug that I had engraved for him, but I wanted to go a step further. 

Many anniversary websites had ideas such as chocolate covered fruit or cookies shaped like flowers. I loved the idea of cookies shaped like flowers, so I Googled them. What came up were dozens of pictures of cookie bouquets. It was perfect! I decided to run with the idea, and boy was it a good idea! 

The bouquet took around four hours to make, from start to finish. It's fairly difficult to create a masterpiece bouquet with two bickering children underfoot, so I let them make their own Christmas cookies while I worked. Problem solved! 

I think the cookies turned out awesome, and the 3D effect of the bouquet just adds an extra touch of heart to the whole gift. While this was made for our wedding anniversary, this would be a perfect gift for any occasion! Christmas is right around the corner too! White flowers with a sprinkle of edible gold dust and this bouquet turns into an edible Christmas bouquet! 

I will be making a tutorial for how exactly I created this bouquet soon! 

Have you ever made a cookie bouquet? How did you NOT eat the cookies before gifting it? :) 


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