Batman Baby Shower Invite: Newspaper Style

I love hosting parties, and people love no having to! Just kidding! But I do love throwing parties. A friend and co-worker is currently pregnant and expecting soon. I wanted to throw a baby shower that she would enjoy. All of her friends know that she loves Batman, I mean, she does have a cat named Bruce! 

Anyways, if finding shark themed invites was hard, finding a baby shower invite that was Batman themed was even harder. I don't know why I don't just start off with creating the invites myself! Silly, silly me! Oh well, I wanted to go for a more vintage theme, and what better than having it be similar to a newspaper. The Gotham Times to be exact. Now, this invite is already in the shop, so if you'd like to purchase the printable, you can! 

Now, this time, I just changed everything and not just deleted things. I feel like you can see how it will look more if you can see a mock up of a real invitation. I folded the newspaper up in thirds and tied it up with twine, to make it look like it was a real newspaper. Everyone loved the invites when I sent them out, and I even had someone order some printables from these invites! I can't wait for the baby shower, and am excited that it's Batman themed. 

Have you thrown a baby shower? How about a Batman themed one?

Alisha Jewell

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