Shark Birthday Party Invite

Little A turned four this week! I cannot believe that my little baby is growing up so fast! Can we just tell our little ones to stay little forever? Well, I have told him, and asked if he could stay little forever, and he says yes every time! Could little ones get any cuter? Anyways, before I go on a rant about how I'm going to miss him being my little bitty baby, how about we get back to the topic! 

This weekend, we are celebrating his birthday with a shark themed birthday party. We gave Little A a choice, did he want dinosaurs or sharks, and he chose sharks. He loves learning about both, but lately, sharks have seemed more interesting to him. I have planned a few games for the kids that I think they'll love, but in order for them to play these games, they need to be invited first! I sent out the invitations a while ago, but am just now getting to posting what they look like! Silly me. 

It was a little hard to find shark themed anything around here. I even called a few party stores with no avail. So, I decided to make his invitations myself. I like creating graphics anyways! 

Of course, his name was not deleted, and our address was under JOIN US FOR A BITE. Our number was next to the RSVP as well, but, for privacy reasons, of course I deleted all of that. Anyways, I wanted to go with a more subtle, contemporary look, so I decided to have the shark "swim" through the large 4. What is not shown on these invites is the little waves that I drew between the date and "It's a shark-tastic birthday." I used watercolors for that, and I think it makes the invites just that much cuter. 

I am making this printable available for purchase in my Etsy shop soon, so keep an eye out for it!

Do you think a shark theme is adorable?

Alisha Jewell

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