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2014 Christmas Mantel

I am so happy that I can finally post our mantel! Christmas is our favorite time of the year, our mantel, I feel, shows that love off. I have been preparing this Christmas mantel for weeks, and I am not even ashamed. 


Like our Halloween mantel, our Christmas mantel had to be within budget. Dollar Tree is an awesome store for budgets, and I found myself there many times. Most garlands that I found at craft stores, and even Walmart, were a little high on the budget, so I decided to check out Dollar Tree as a last resort. I am so glad that I decided to check it out. It didn't disappoint! I purchased four garlands, at the price of $1 each. You can't beat that! Now, I know they're not the fullest, but that was why I purchased so many. I was able to cut three of them in half to fill up the mantel.

The last garland strand that I bought went to the wreath that is on our mirror. It was so simple to make. I just took the tag off and hung it up with red ribbon I had lying around. Voila! A wreath for $1 total!

I made the bow in a little over five minutes with wired ribbon. It was 60% off at Michael's! I researched for a few minutes before I started making it, and it was fairly simple after watching a video on Christmas bow making. The center greenery was also 60% off at Michael's, so I purchased other greenery for the tree (that should be up in a couple of days).

Now, the trees were the most difficult part of the mantel to make. I could NOT decide on the direction I wanted to go with the poster board Christmas trees, so I just started out with two poster boards from Dollar Tree. After making tree forms out of the poster board, I headed to Joann's to scope out their craft supplies. I walked around the store, not joking, four times before I decided on a few ideas. I grabbed a roll of twine, a bag of feathers, and scrapbook paper covered in glitter. I glued feathers onto one poster board cone, I hot glued the glitter paper onto another cone. For the last cone on the left side of our mantel, I wrapped it in twine and spray painted it silver. The deer was found at Dollar tree in the ornament aisle.

Do the candlesticks look familiar? They should! I posted about them a few days ago. Here they are in action! I put the biggest poster board Christmas tree cone next to the candlesticks. I sprayed the cone with adhesive spray and rolled it on a plate full of beads. It is by far my favorite cone!

All in all, our Christmas mantel cost us less than $20, but you couldn't tell that by looking at it! I am so happy with how it turned out, and even Little A says he loves it!

Have you finished your Christmas mantel?

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